About MeSaman Giraud


Saman Giraud is an International award winning actress having won the ‘Best Actress Award’ for her performance in her first short film "M4-My Many Married Men", at the Delhi Shorts International Film Festival 2016 and whose critical acclaim and international recognition has accredited Saman the respected titles of director and producer. Her portrayal of Valerie in "M4" also won her the ‘Honorable Jury Mention’ at the Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival 2016 and the Awardeo Award.

Giraud was born in Vienna, Austria to Iranian parents and grew up trilingual. She spent the majority of her childhood living in her parents' art gallery, where she was surrounded by art and music. She started acting at age 13 at the Studio Moliere in Vienna where she got the male leading role in “Die schlimmen Buben in der Schule” by Johann Nestroy under the direction of Susanne Pollak. At age 16, she got the leading role in “Trugbilder”, a short film by Jasha Novak and Nikolaus Pernecky. Soon after she took part in the ZARA against racism commercial by Jochen Graf “3x45 Sekunden” which won Best Commercial Cannes Lion Shortlist.

She moved to New York in 2007 to attend the acclaimed Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute where she studied under the direction of the late Irma Sandrey and Robert Ellerman. Saman Giraud remained in New York for 7 years to work on several US-independent films, such as the leading role in “Jasmine” by director Sean Davis and “Hamartia” directed by Loredana Gasparotto, various art projects and music videos. However, an accident in 2009 rendered her unable to work as an actress for nearly two years, but her passion for acting and her love of the arts lead her to write “M4 - My Many Married Men” which proved to be a prominent creative comeback to the screen. The film was picked by the Hollywood Entertainment Magazine "The Wrap" as one of "12 crowdfunded projects shooting for success".

In 2017, Giraud starred as the leading actress Zarina in the EU-Premiere of Ayad Akhtar´s ´The Who and The What´ under the direction of Joanna Godwin-Seidl at the acclaimed Theater Drachengasse. Due to its success, the play had a second run. This year, Giraud debuted at Vienna´s English Theatre in Florian Zeller´s ´The Lie´ directed by Sean Aita. She can soon be seen in David Schalko´s new TV-Series ´M- eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder´, an ORF/RTL production.